Turkish Pure Silver Mesh Islamic Prayer Beads Tasbih 27 gram ID # 6322

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Weight: 27 gram. Silver ratio: 0.999. Diameter: 7 mm. Length: 8.27 inch (21 cm).

This tasbih represents an extremely rare folk art sample from Turkey.

This Turkish filigree consists of braided pure silver wires assembled without soldering. All wires are made of extremely tiny spirals rolled over hairline thick silk threads. The varying size wires are then used to produce all the beads including tubular ones, the chains and the weaves.

The whole tasbih features a state of the art craftsmanship in both shape, color, visual smoothness and design consistency.

This tasbih is a very delicate work of art, it is not suited to daily heavy use. It must be handled and stored with utmost care and respect. Once it is damaged it cannot be repaired and we do not accept returns for repair. If you look for a tasbih for heavy use do not buy this one, we have many beautiful sterling silver tasbihs for such uses.

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