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Turkish thin foxtail silver chain for necklace 60 cm ID # 6822

US$ 18.55

Turkish foxtail chain thick 2.5 mm for necklace 60 cm
Turkish foxtail chain thick 2.5 mm for necklace 60 cm
Turkish foxtail chain thick 2.5 mm for necklace 60 cm
Weight: 6.25 gram

Silver Ratio: .925

Length: 24 in / 600 mm

Width: depending on stock 1.2 to 1.5 mm

This chain is woven with loop-in-loop technique. Tiny loops have been interlaced in a herringbone like pattern to form a v-in-v shape of square cross-section, thus the name "fox-tail". It is the chain "d" in the last photo.

This is the thin variant of the regular foxtail chain our famous tassels are made of. See sample stranded bracelets under Bracelets category and prayer beads under Full Silver Tasbih category.

Extremely versatile and resistant, it is suited to many jewelry projects. This piece is listed for necklace use but you may cut and use it in smaller chunks for many projects.

Its thickness is suitable to most beads, rondelles and jump rings. You may wrap 0.7 to 0.9 mm wires over it to prevent the sliding of your charms and beads.

The thickness of this thin variant of the foxtail chain varies from stock to stock. So if you intend to build strands you may want to ask us the exact thickness of our actual stock before ordering, to prevent any mismatch between the chain and the holes of your bead stock.

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